Our Mission

"Honoring Traditional Chinese Medicine, providing production transparency, respecting the environment, and inspiring social change." - Dr. Paige Yang

Chinese Facial Tools in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

As a Mandarin speaking Asian-American Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Dr. Yang is determined to shed light on the historical and cultural significance of traditional Chinese facial tools. Gua sha is one of the many modalities found within a 4,000-5,000 year old indigenous medicine practice that is TCM. Gua sha boards have been around since the Paleolithic Age in China, and are still widely used inside of the household and by TCM practitioners as a therapy against illness.

In the 17th century, the upper-class elite in China adapted these tools using precious stones such as jade, and began using them for cosmetic benefits. A different technique was then developed during the Qing dynasty once these tools went from the body for illness to the face for aesthetics. These specific facial tools were intentionally developed over the past 400 years in China. Since the human face has not changed since their development, it is not necessary to reinvent Chinese facial tools. In fact, all versions of Yang Face’s tools can be found in TCM museums throughout China.

Over time, the cosmetic benefits of Chinese facial tools gained popularity in China and then throughout the rest of East Asia. People who did not have access to precious stones, would massage their bodies and faces using culinary tools such as soup spoons, lids, and their own hands. Gua sha practices were handed down within families and between TCM practitioners. Decades later, Chinese facial tools made with precious stones found their way to the West.

In the U.S., Chinese facial tools have been vastly appropriated, and are often referred to as “new,” “discovered,” or “reinvented.” Chinese facial tools are often incorrectly marketed with little understanding or acknowledgement of the origin and the depth of the tools—the generations of practice that they carry. When applied in the context of Chinese history, culture and medicine, these tools are so much more than a stone that makes you look good. We hope when using Chinese facial tools, you have reverence for Chinese culture, Chinese history, TCM, as well as for the families and the practitioners within the culture who generously handed their traditions down.

  • Production Process

    Thanks to Dr. Yang’s proficiency in Mandarin, she was able to find a manufacturer with a female CEO in Guangdong Province, China--the same Province her mother’s family is from. Dr. Yang’s female point of contact provides her with honest and transparent information. The two of them converse on a weekly basis through messaging, email and video chat. Dr. Yang receives photos and videos from her point of contact, which she then shares on her Instagram account in order to back her manufacturer’s claims and hold all parties accountable. Her tool line manufacturer is the only ISO (International Organization for Standardization--inclusive of the FDA and cGMP) and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certified jade factory in China. Dr. Yang could not be happier with how they have included her in the production process, and as a result can guarantee you the highest quality product.

  • Environmentally Conscious

    Dr. Yang was born and raised in Hawai’i, where she learned from an early age to respect the land. Beginning with sourcing from a small, well-run mine, to insisting manufacturers send the products in minimal packing material, to then delivering the products to your door in recyclable, compostable and reusable packaging, Yang Face has done its best to reduce their carbon footprint. The outside shells of the travel bags that are included in each set are made from 100% recyclable Tyvek®. Tyvek® is a non-toxic, lightweight, durable and water-resistant material. It contains no post-processing coating, and will not leach harmful compounds into the land or water. Yang Face’s Tyvek® bag allows all tools to be packable and travel friendly. Additionally, Yang Face does not carry dark stone products. Dark crystals are rare, highly coveted, and often involve non-ethical practices in order to get into the consumers’ hands.

  • Social Change

    In order for change to happen, Yang Face encourages you to learn correct information and proper techniques from practitioners who have the knowledge, experience, and credentials to teach accurate information. Yang Face is designed to empower you with undiluted, unappropriated information that can be used to your benefit both internally and externally. When learning and consuming TCM-based products from TCM practitioners, you are helping to reduce cultural appropriation. Working with a licensed TCM practitioner to develop your own wellness and facial routine, will help you feel good and confident because the teachings come from a direct source. The relationship you will build with yourself and your face will allow for optimal results both inside and out.


Hawai’i, all of our core values and beliefs formed from your beauty, culture, and local people.

The Leong and Lee family lineages for empowering Yang Face to embrace their ancestry.

Dr. Tao for teaching our very first facial acupuncture, facial cupping and facial gua sha class.

The teachers and TCM master practitioners at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine for generously sharing your 30+ years of knowledge.

叶老师,李老师,张老师, 白老师,Punahou School, Kenyon College and Middlebury College for allowing Yang Face to access the wisdom and knowledge of TCM in it’s original language.

Patients, friends, family and colleagues, you have all served as our muse in the creation of Yang Face.