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Yang Face

Beachcomber board

Beachcomber board

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This is our largest and most specialized gua sha board! The shape is similar to our wave-rider board, though noticeably larger and with a ribbed aspect. 

One (1) large grade-A rose quartz beachcomber gua sha board.

Benefits: Alleviates tightness and stiffness in the neck, helps the movement of qi and blood, especially on the neck, chest and cheeks, activates blood circulation, promotes skin's cellular regeneration, reduces fluid retention, lifts the spirit.

Use the ribbed end for quick strokes to stimulate qi and blood around the lips, sides of the nose, between the brows, behind the ears and along the forehead. This will also help break up stagnant tissue and tight muscles.

The larger size and heavier weight feels extremely luxurious!

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